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“Corcovado” over Rio de Janeiro´s sky


A dream came true. The plane almost landed in Rio and my heart already started to dance Samba.
I was about to visit the place where the woman of my life comes from. And guess what? I had my private travel guide to show me special and unique sights in Rio de Janeiro. After only a few steps on the ground of this beautiful country, I already felt the warm welcome of my girlfriend´s “Mãe”.

The first destination we visited was “Urca”.  On the way up to the Sugar Loaf hill, we met some little “amigos”, which were pretty hungry as you can see on the picture below. After a long and exhausting way up, we decided to take a break to enjoy some coconut water. At the same time, we had an amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean or how the Brazilians would say, “uma vista maravilhosa”.

After three days of eating tons of delicious food in Brazil, I felt like my body was in need of a workout. This was a perfect time to visit “Escadaria Selarón” in Santa Teresa, where we had to walk up 215 steps. These steps were built from thousands of beautiful handmade tiles from artists of the whole world. My girlfriend and I searched for about one hour to find the Austrian one.

Brazil is well known as the “soccer country”. I was happy about getting the opportunity to watch a derby game between Botafogo and Internacional in the world´s famous “Maracanã”. The stadium was half full, but with a crowd of 30,000 people. This was still an amazing atmosphere. I never enjoyed watching a soccer game as much as this one. After every goal, the people went crazy and celebrated by dancing and jumping on their seats. I should mention that the game finished 3-3.

The climax of this vacation was visiting the “Cristo Redentor” on the “Corcovado” hill. We took the railway to get to the statue. The higher we went, the more beautiful the view. In addition, we could enjoy the music of three “cariocas” playing their instruments, while singing wonderful Brazilian songs. You could feel the positive energy that the three Brazilians brought into the railway. This put people in a really good mood and they started to dance with them.
Arriving at the statue, I forgot for some seconds how to breathe, because I had without doubt the most beautiful view of my entire life in front of me. Having this special view with a special person was for sure one of the best moments in my life! It isn´t the same as in reality, but on my video, I am sharing with you a part of this moment.

The most exciting moment to me was going to the Copacabana beach. After arriving there, I immediately took my shoes off to feel the warm sand on my feet. I never imagined that the beach would be so wide and long. This is certainly a paradise for the people in Rio. If I would live there, I would definitely spend time on the beach after a long working day. Common at the Brazilian beaches, there are friendly people walking along the beach and selling their products and food for tourists. If you ever go to Rio, I recommend you to try “pastel” or “pao de queijos”.

During the whole vacation in Rio de Janeiro, we visited some famous beaches like Copacabana, Ipanema and some others. But there was this really small beach called “Prainha”, which I liked the most, because I felt like being on a lonely Island.

I am so glad I got to visit this country and meet the friendly and very outgoing people from there. I felt as if I was part of a different culture. It was just so comfortable, that I can see myself visiting this phenomenal place in the near future. I guess once your heart beats for the sound of Samba, it will always search for it again!


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