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(Wednesday) was another day that was very special to me. And Friday night will be another one where I get to just say thanks to the fans. I’m looking forward to it. Cool looking uniforms aren’t all recruits consider though. In 2016, the website Pick Six Previews published a survey of 100 FBS (the top level of college football) high school recruits not yet committed to a school. Questions included: “Which team has the worst uniforms?”, with Penn State University and the SEC’s University of Alabama receiving the most votes.

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Milan Lucic got one goal, on the power play. Patrick Maroon, same thing. Ryan Strome had two goals, only one five on five. Sheriff Leo P. McGuire, of Bergen County, says there are 69 confirmed gang members and more than 200 suspected gang members in the Bergen County Jail as of February. They represent seven of the most dangerous gangs in the state including the Bloods, the Crips, MS 13 and Aryan Brotherhood.

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